Different SAR86 subgroups harbour divergent proteorhodopsins.

  title={Different SAR86 subgroups harbour divergent proteorhodopsins.},
  author={Gazalah Sabehi and Oded B{\'e}j{\`a} and Marcelino T Suzuki and Christina M. Preston and Edward F DeLong},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={6 9},
Proteorhodopsins (PRs), bacterial photoactive proton pumps, were originally detected in the uncultured marine gamma-proteobacterial SAR86 group. PRs are now known to occur in both the gamma and alpha marine proteobacterial lineages. Recent environmental shotgun sequence analysis in the Sargasso Sea has added yet more diversity, and a potentially broader taxonomic distribution, to the PR family. Much remains to be learned, however, about within-taxon PR variability and the broader organismal… CONTINUE READING
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