Different Pathways to a Common Destiny

  title={Different Pathways to a Common Destiny},
  author={Sandra Crewe},
  journal={Journal of Health \& Social Policy},
  pages={199 - 214}
  • Sandra Crewe
  • Published 31 December 2006
  • Education
  • Journal of Health & Social Policy
Summary Nationwide, grandparents raising grandchildren is a growing phenomenon. In the District of Columbia, 19% of children under age 18 live in kincare-headed households. This compares to 8% nationally. This article reports on findings from an AARP focus group study of 40 grandparents raising grandchildren in the District of Columbia. It tells the stories of individuals who have traveled different pathways to arrive at their common destiny of being a grandparent caregiver. It primarily uses… 
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A crucial issue facing our educational system is the changing family structure, particularly the increase in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Many of these children live in
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This paper reviews literature on grandparents raising grandchildren, focusing on caregiving challenges and resilience in African American grandparent caregivers within a socio-cultural context. A
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A conceptual model is developed to contribute to understanding the causes and consequences of custodial grandparenting, using the stress-coping framework while highlighting the emerging issues related to contemporary grandfam families such as cultural and ethnic heterogeneity in grandfamilies.
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African American grandparents serve important roles as surrogate parents. Historically they are honored and recognized for their extraordinary service in augmenting the child welfare system. This
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Although many grandmothers raising grandchildren experience transitions in their roles as family strains and circumstances change, little longitudinal data has been examined. This qualitative study
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Cross-cultural research on parent–maintained multigenerational families with co-resident grandparents has shown largely positive outcomes for children, but few studies have explored the potential
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This paper reviews literature on grandparents raising grandchildren, focusing on caregiving challenges and resilience in African American grandparent caregivers within a socio-cultural context. A


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Discussions within gerontology of family solidarity between generations have tended to focus on the critical role of adult children, and particularly daughters and daughters-in-law, as informal
Grandmothers raising grandchildren: family structure and well-being in culturally diverse families.
African American grandmothers experienced equal well-being in coparenting and custodial families; however, if the stresses related to the parents' problems were removed by statistical control, they favored the custodial arrangement.
African American grandparents raising grandchildren: a national profile of demographic and health characteristics.
Caregivers reported significantly higher levels of limitations in four of five activities of daily living (ADL) and were almost twice as likely as their peers to report clinically relevant levels of depression.
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Carrie Jefferson Smith has taught the graduate-level family and child policy course in the Syracuse University School of Social Work for the last four years. She has over 17 years of experience in
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The findings suggest the physical functioning of the grandmothers is at a level that could jeopardize the quality of life with their grandchildren and that their emotional state is equal to or better than the general population.
Empowering African American custodial grandparents.
  • C. Cox
  • Education
    Social work
  • 2002
This article describes an empowerment training project and its curriculum that was developed for a group of African American grandparents that resulted in strengthened parenting skills, and development of the participants into community peer educators.
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Findings from two qualitative studies of black grandparents and great-grandparents who are rearing their children's children as a consequence of parental drug addiction are reported.
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The increasing number and proportion of children in out-of-home care placed in the homes of relatives are among the most important child welfare trends of the decade and this article describes historical and recent developments in kinship care and discusses policy implications.
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Increased kinship care as a resilient response by the African American community is discussed, which clearly needs support through imaginative social work policies and practice.
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The study found that the grandmothers experienced a role shift from grandmothers to new mothers again, which resulted in unanticipated changes in all aspects of their lives.