Different Aspects of Gas Turbine Siemens 162MW-V94.2 Vibration Analysis

  • Omid Ali Zargar
  • Published 2013


Analysis of most critical equipment was one of the most challenging activities in preventive maintenance.utilities considering as heart of the process in big industrial plants like petrochemical zones.Vibration analysis methods and condition monitoring systems of these kind of equipment develop too much in recent years on the other hand there are too much operation condition consideration in these kind of equipment.in this paper I tried to introduce some most effective vibration analysis concepts of gas turbine vibration analysis. After that I will explain a gas turbine vibration case history, SIEMENS 162MWV94.2for this purpose I had to fist introduce these kind of turbine technical specification.at the end I hope that readers could have better understanding about most critical equipment condition monitoring systems and vibration analysis.

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