Differences within the mainland Chinese press: a quantitative analysis

  title={Differences within the mainland Chinese press: a quantitative analysis},
  author={Haiyan Wang and Colin Sparks and Nan L{\"u} and Yu Huang},
  journal={Asian Journal of Communication},
  pages={154 - 171}
ABSTRACT This paper reports the results of a content analysis of five newspapers selected from the Chinese daily press. The research was conducted as part of an international project designed to explore the relationship between journalistic self-conceptions and journalistic practice. This paper reports only upon journalistic practice, in particular the extent to which different models of journalism are present. The results of the analysis demonstrate, firstly, that while the concept of a… 
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Detached or Interventionist? Comparing the Performance of Watchdog Journalism in Transitional, Advanced and Non-democratic Countries
  • Mireya Márquez-Ramírez, C. Mellado, Haiyan Wang
  • Political Science
    The International Journal of Press/Politics
  • 2019
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Investigative Journalism in China: Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-US-ASCII text omitted.)David Bandurski and Martin Hala (eds), Investigative Journalism in China: Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University
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Media, Market, and Democracy in China: Between the Party Line and the Bottom Line. Yuezhi Zhao. Urbana and Chicago, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1998. 255 pp. $44.95 hbk. $19.95 pbk. Since the
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