Differences in wearer response to garments for outdoor activity.

  title={Differences in wearer response to garments for outdoor activity.},
  author={Raechel M. Laing and Stacy T Sims and C. A. Wilson and Brian Niven and Natasha Cruthers},
  volume={51 4},
The performance of garments for outdoor activity was compared. Three fabrics, each in garments for the upper body, matched garment/wearer dimensions, were worn by 10 athletically 'well-trained' males under controlled conditions (hot 32 +/- 2 degrees C, 20 +/- 2% relative humidity (RH); cold 8 +/- 2 degrees C, 40 +/- 2% RH) with physical (instrumental) and sensory responses obtained during the trials. Differences in human responses to the fabrics/garments included heart rate, core temperature… CONTINUE READING