Differences in the apoptosis-inducing properties of Viscum album L. extracts.

  title={Differences in the apoptosis-inducing properties of Viscum album L. extracts.},
  author={Arndt B{\"u}ssing and Kiliana Suzart and Klaus Schweizer},
  journal={Anti-cancer drugs},
  volume={8 Suppl 1},
Viscum album L. (mistletoe) extracts are widely used in adjuvant cancer therapy. In contrast to purified components, such as mistletoe lectins and viscotoxins, whole plant extracts of mistletoe resulted in DNA stabilizations in cyclophosphamide-treated lymphocytes but also provided cytotoxicity in tumour cells and lymphocytes. The killing capacities of mistletoe extracts were host tree-specific and not correlated with mistletoe lectin or viscotoxin content. In human lymphocytes, only mistletoe… CONTINUE READING

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