Differences in gas venting from ultramafic-hosted warm springs : the example of Oman and Voltri Ophiolites

  title={Differences in gas venting from ultramafic-hosted warm springs : the example of Oman and Voltri Ophiolites},
  author={Boulart Cedric and C. Wasinger Valerie and M Courtin Christophe and Delacour Adelie and Ceuleneer and Romain Georges and Hoareau Guilhem},
Serpentinisation of mantle rocks, leading to natural venting of hydrogen and methane, has been reported to occur at the global scale, wherever fluids percolate in ultramafic formations. Here we compare gas composition from two on-land, low-temperature, and hyper-alkaline springs hosted on ultramafic rocks in the ophiolite massifs of the Sultanate of Oman and the Ligurian Alps (Voltri Group, Genoa region, Northern Italy). These two settings exhibit similar chemical and mineralogical features but… CONTINUE READING


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