Differences in endocytosis mediated by FcγRIIA and FcγRIIB2.

  title={Differences in endocytosis mediated by FcγRIIA and FcγRIIB2.},
  author={Christine Y. Zhang and James W. D. Booth},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={49 1-2},
An important function of Fcγ receptors is the removal of IgG-containing immune complexes from the circulation. The activating receptor FcγRIIA and inhibitory receptor FcγRIIB2 are both expressed on human myeloid cells, and are both capable of mediating endocytosis of immune complexes. We studied endocytosis of these two receptors expressed by transfection in ts20 Chinese hamster fibroblasts. We find that while FcγRIIA-mediated endocytosis requires the participation of the ubiquitin-conjugating… CONTINUE READING