Differences in coronary artery plaques between target and non-target vessels.


OBJECTIVE We used intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and virtual histology (VH) to assess the differences of plaque burden and composition between target coronary arteries containing the culprit lesion and non-target coronary arteries. METHODS Sixty patients referred for acute (n = 19) or elective (n = 41) coronary angiography were included. The target vessel containing the culprit lesion was identified by angiography. A non-target coronary artery was chosen for comparison. The first 4 cm of each vessel were analyzed with IVUS and VH. RESULTS Total plaque burden was higher in the target vessel compared to the non-target vessel (52.4% vs. 45.9%, a relative difference of 14.2%; p < 0.001). The plaque composition of the target vessel correlated strongly with the plaque composition of the non-target vessel, but the relative amount of necrotic core was significantly higher in the target vessels (21.7% vs 19.2%; p = 0.028), whereas the amount of fibrolipidic material was significantly greater in non-target vessels (10.6% vs. 12.7%; p = 0.035). CONCLUSIONS We conclude that in patients with relevant coronary artery disease, plaque burden and the amount of necrotic core material are greater in the target vessel. There is a strong correlation of plaque composition between target and non-target coronary arteries.

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