Differences in RSSI readings made by different Wi-Fi chipsets: A limitation of WLAN localization

  title={Differences in RSSI readings made by different Wi-Fi chipsets: A limitation of WLAN localization},
  author={Gough Lui and Thomas Gallagher and B. Li and A. Dempster and C. Rizos},
  journal={2011 International Conference on Localization and GNSS (ICL-GNSS)},
Wi-Fi positioning has found favour in environments which are traditionally challenging for GPS. The currently used method of Wi-Fi fingerprinting assumes that the devices used for training and locating perform identically. We have undertaken an experiment to determine how different devices behave in an empirical controlled test to identify the challenges and limitations which Wi-Fi fingerprinting positioning systems will face when deployed across many devices. We found that they performed… Expand

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