Differences in MHC class I self peptide repertoires among HLA-A2 subtypes.

  title={Differences in MHC class I self peptide repertoires among HLA-A2 subtypes.},
  author={Tetsuo Sudo and Nobuhiro Kamikawaji and Akira Kimura and Yukiji Date and Christopher J. Savoie and Hiroyuki Nakashima and Emiko Furuichi and Satoru Kuhara and Takehiko Sasazuki},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={155 10},
To investigate how single amino acid substitutions in MHC class I molecules affect differences in peptide repertoires, we eluted and sequenced the naturally processed peptides from three HLA-A2 subtypes (HLA-A*0204, -A*0206, and -A*0207) that differ by a single amino acid residue substitution each with HLA-A*0201 at the floor of the binding groove. Allele-specific peptide motifs for each HLA-A2 subtype substantially differed from that of HLA-A*0201 in the dominant anchor residues. The relative… CONTINUE READING


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