Differences in Influenza Seasonality by Latitude, Northern India

  title={Differences in Influenza Seasonality by Latitude, Northern India},
  author={Parvaiz A Koul and Shobha Broor and Siddhartha Saha and John W Barnes and Catherine Smith and Michael W. Shaw and Mandeep Chadha and Renu B. Lal},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
The seasonality of influenza in the tropics complicates vaccination timing. We investigated influenza seasonality in northern India and found influenza positivity peaked in Srinagar (34.09°N) in January-March but peaked in New Delhi (28.66°N) in July-September. Srinagar should consider influenza vaccination in October-November, but New Delhi should vaccinate in May-June. 

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