Differences in Exposure to Occupational Health Risks in Spanish and Foreign-Born Workers in Spain (Itsal Project)

  title={Differences in Exposure to Occupational Health Risks in Spanish and Foreign-Born Workers in Spain (Itsal Project)},
  author={E. Ronda and A. Agudelo-Su{\'a}rez and A. Garc{\'i}a and M. J. L{\'o}pez-Jacob and C. Ruiz-Frutos and F. Benavides},
  journal={Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health},
Migrant workers usually show higher rates of work-related health problems than natives. However, little information is available about their exposure to occupational risks. We describe self-reported working exposure in Spanish and foreign-born workers. A cross-sectional survey was conducted as part of the ITSAL Project. Data on sociodemographic and self-reported occupational exposure in 1,841 foreign-born and 509 Spanish workers were collected through face-to-face interviews. Prevalence and… Expand
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