Difference between Sexes in Dispersion of Intelligence

  title={Difference between Sexes in Dispersion of Intelligence},
  author={J. A. Fraser Roberts},
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  • J. Roberts
  • Published 26 May 1945
  • Psychology
  • British Medical Journal
foundations of biological knowledge! So it must remain until we develop a wider and deeper consciousness of what constitutes ordered knowledge, and by what cycle of thought it is to be achieved. Yet to feel some discontent with medicine as we find it does not imply any lack of pride in its achievements, nor any diminished sense of privilege in seeking to serve it. If one is a critic, it is, I trust, in the spirit expressed by Milton when he says, " For he who freely magnifies what hath been… 
  • 1951
Ahnsjo, S. : Profilscheina vid intelligensniatning enligt TermanMerrill. Svenska 1ak.-tidn. 42: 1391, 1945. Intellektuell utvecklingshanining av specie11 typ. (Defekt auditiv perception och god
A Role for the X Chromosome in Sex Differences in Variability in General Intelligence?
  • W. JohnsonA. CarothersI. Deary
  • Biology, Psychology
    Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science
  • 2009
The expected ratios of males to females at various points in the distribution are explored and the proportion of variance in general intelligence potentially due to genes on the X chromosome is estimated, providing clues to the extent to which biologically based sex differences could be manifested in the environment as sex differences in displayed intellectual abilities.
Gender differences in erotic plasticity: the female sex drive as socially flexible and responsive.
A large assortment of evidence supports 3 predictions based on the hypothesis of female erotic plasticity: individual women will exhibit more variation across time than men in sexual behavior, female sexuality will exhibit larger effects than male in response to most specific sociocultural variables, and sexual attitude-behavior consistency will be lower for women than men.
The long-term prognosis for prematurely born children with congenital syphilitics and the frequancy of mental deficiency are reviewed.
Psychiatric Illness Among the Mentally Retarded: A Swedish population study
  • R. Göstason
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica. Supplementum
  • 1985
The aim was to study the frequency of severe and mild mental retardation in an adult Swedish population and to throw some light on the socio‐medical situation of the adult mentally retarded.
Sex Differences in Variability in General Intelligence: A New Look at the Old Question
Using two population-wide surveys of general intelligence in 11-year-olds in Scotland, it was shown that there were substantial departures from normality in the distribution, with less variability in the higher range than in the lower, and sex differences in variability did not appear to account for sex Differences in high-level achievement.
Analysis of the Involvement of ocs-Like bZip-Binding Elements in the Differential Strength of the Bidirectional mas1[prime]2[prime] Promoter
The data implicate the involvement of a GTPase in LHCP integration but not in the translocation of OEE33, and suggest that GTP meets the entire nucleotide requirement.
The genetics of intelligence.


Genetic Studies of Genius
IT is only when one studies a vast American work like this-which in its first two volumes covers more than 1500 pages, with still more volumes to come-that one realises that America is not Europe,
Ibid., 8, 15
  • Ann. Eugen
  • 1935