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Diffeomorphic Image Registration with An Optimal Control Relaxation and Its Implementation

  title={Diffeomorphic Image Registration with An Optimal Control Relaxation and Its Implementation},
  author={Jianping Zhang and Yanyan Li},
Image registration has played an important role in image processing problems, especially in medical imaging applications. It is well known that when the deformation is large, many variational models cannot ensure diffeomorphism. In this paper, we propose a new registration model based on an optimal control relaxation constraint for large deformation images, which can theoretically guarantee that the registration mapping is diffeomorphic. We present an analysis of optimal control relaxation for… 


A Novel Diffeomorphic Model for Image Registration and Its Algorithm
This work proposes a new variational model with a special regularizer, based on the quasi-conformal theory, which can guarantee that the registration map is diffeomorphic, and proposes an iterative method to solve the resulting nonlinear optimization problem and prove the convergence of the method.
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Landmark- and Intensity-Based Registration with Large Deformations via Quasi-conformal Maps
  • K. Lam, L. Lui
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    SIAM J. Imaging Sci.
  • 2014
A novel algorithm is presented to obtain diffeomorphic image or surface registrations with large deformations via quasi-conformal maps to minimize an energy functional involving a Beltrami coefficient term, which measures the distortion of the quasi- Conformal map.
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This work presents a mathematically sound formulation that explicitly controls the deformation of a transformation in terms of the determinant of the Jacobian of the transformation, and presents some numerical examples that demonstrate the advantage of including inequality constraints explicitly.
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The paper adapts the large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping framework for image registration to the indirect setting where a template is registered against a target that is given through indirect noisy observations and proves that indirect image registration has solutions that are stable and converge as the data error tends so zero.