Diethylstilbestrol-induced perinatal lethality in the rat. II. Perturbation of parturition.

  title={Diethylstilbestrol-induced perinatal lethality in the rat. II. Perturbation of parturition.},
  author={Stefan Zimmerman and William Clevenger and Bradley B Brimhall and William S Bradshaw},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={44 4},
Evidence is presented suggesting that the fetolethal properties of diethylstilbestrol (DES) are indirect, mediated maternally through a perturbation of the normal mechanisms of parturition. Oral administration of the compound to Sprague-Dawley rats near Day 18 of pregnancy was shown to delay the onset of parturition, prolong labor, and induce dystocia, with a concomitant large increase in perinatal mortality. Exposure during Days 8-16 was without effect, whereas treatment in the Day 18-20… CONTINUE READING


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