Dietary triggers of insulin-dependent diabetes in the BB rat.

  title={Dietary triggers of insulin-dependent diabetes in the BB rat.},
  author={Denis Daneman and Leona Fishman and Cheril L. Clarson and Julio M. Martin},
  journal={Diabetes research},
  volume={5 2},
Environmental "triggers" (including viruses, toxins and dietary factors) have been implicated in the pathogenesis of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Data have suggested a possible role for cow's milk protein (CMP) as a trigger of diabetes. To study this further, 86 BB rats were divided into 2 groups during the weaning period (days 13-25): Group A received rat chow without CMP; Group B, rat chow with 1% CMP added. Each group was subdivided afterwards into 2: Groups A1 and B1 received chow… CONTINUE READING