Dietary tea reduces the iron content of beef.

  title={Dietary tea reduces the iron content of beef.},
  author={M Zembayashi and David K. Lunt and Stephen Brent Smith},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={53 4},
We hypothesized that the lightness of Japanese beef was related to the concentration of heme iron. In Experiment 1, six Japanese Black heifers were allotted randomly to one of three treatment groups: a basal concentrate ration (40% flaked corn) or the same diet and either 2 kg/d wheat bran or 0.5 kg/d green tea. After feeding the diets for 174 d, the cattle were slaughtered and the M. longissimus thoracis, M. semimembranosus, and M. gluteus medius were sampled for meat color, iron, and lipid… CONTINUE READING


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