Dietary selenium and major depression: a nested case-control study.


OBJECTIVES AND METHODS Alterations in redox biology are established in depression; however, there are no prospective epidemiological data on redox-active selenium in depression. We aimed to determine if low levels of dietary selenium are associated with an increased risk for de novo major depressive disorder (MDD). In this nested case-control study, women… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ctim.2011.12.008



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@article{Pasco2012DietarySA, title={Dietary selenium and major depression: a nested case-control study.}, author={Julie A Pasco and Felice N. Jacka and Lana J. Williams and Melinda Evans-Cleverdon and S. Brennan and Mark A Kotowicz and G Nicholson and M. J. Ball and Michael Berk}, journal={Complementary therapies in medicine}, year={2012}, volume={20 3}, pages={119-23} }