Dietary protein influences acid-base responses to repeated sprints.

  title={Dietary protein influences acid-base responses to repeated sprints.},
  author={Patricia M Graham-Thiers and David S Kronfeld and Kimberly A Kline},
  journal={Equine veterinary journal. Supplement},
Dietary protein during conditioning and exercise must support additional needs while avoiding adverse metabolic effects. Ten Arabian horses were assigned randomly to 2 diets formulated to contain 7.5 or 14.5% crude protein and 12% fat. The low-protein diet (LP) was supplemented with lysine and threonine to match the levels of these amino acids in the high-protein diet (HP). Feed intake averaged 8.1 kg/day. Dietary cation-anion difference was 181.6 and 260.4 mmol/kg for high and low protein… CONTINUE READING