Dietary oxalate loads and renal oxalate handling.

  title={Dietary oxalate loads and renal oxalate handling.},
  author={Ross Philip Holmes and Walter T. Ambrosius and Dean G. Assimos},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={174 3},
  pages={943-7; discussion 947}
PURPOSE Dietary oxalate makes a significant contribution to urinary oxalate excretion and, thus, may have a role in calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. Studies have indicated that the ingestion of oxalate rich foods results in transient increases in plasma oxalate concentrations and urinary oxalate excretion. We examined changes in plasma and urinary oxalate following oral crystalline oxalate loading under controlled dietary conditions to further define the renal handling of oxalate by… CONTINUE READING


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