Dietary overlap between frugivorous birds and bats in the Peruvian Amazon

  title={Dietary overlap between frugivorous birds and bats in the Peruvian Amazon},
  author={David L. Gorchov and Fernando Cornejo and Cesar F. Ascorra and Margarita Brise{\~n}o Jaramillo},
To assess the potential for competition between fruit-eating birds and bats, we quantified overlap in their use of fruit in a matrix of disturbed and undisturbed tropical forest. Seeds were obtained from 897 bats (31 species) and 200 birds (29 species) mist-netted over 2.5 yr. We calculated pairwise overlap in fruit diet by the simplified Morisita index for those frugivore species with the most diet data (11 bats and 7 birds). Overlap was 0 for 70% of the bird-bar species pairs, and less than 0… CONTINUE READING

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