Dietary influence on primiparous and pluriparous buffalo fertility

  title={Dietary influence on primiparous and pluriparous buffalo fertility},
  author={Domenico Vecchio and Gianluca Neglia and Marco R{\'e}ndina and M. Marchiello and Anna Balestrieri and Rossella Di Palo},
  journal={Italian Journal of Animal Science},
  pages={512 - 514}
Abstract The authors described the effects of diets characterized by different energy density and forages concentrations on reproductive activity of primiparous and pluriparous lactating buffalo cows, undergone the out of season breeding technique. Productive and reproductive data of a buffalo farm in Salerno were collected. Furthermore, the diets administered to the animals from 1998 to 2003 (6 years) were also recorded. The components of the diet were monthly analysed according to the method… Expand
Effects of Chickpea in Substitution of Soybean Meal on Milk Production, Blood Profile and Reproductive Response of Primiparous Buffaloes in Early Lactation
It is concluded that soybean meal can be replaced by chickpea meal in the diet for primiparous dairy buffaloes in the early lactation period without impairing their productive and reproductive performance. Expand
Effects of milk feeding, frequency and concentration on weaning and buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calf growth, health and behaviour
This study confirms the possibility of utilising one daily administration of milk replacer in water buffalo calf during weaning, and facilitates calves management, without interfering with calves growing performances. Expand
Milk yield at first lactation, parity, and season of calving affect the reproductive performance of water buffalo cows
The results highlight the importance of adequate nutritional management to allow water buffaloes to cope with the challenge of the postpartum negative energy balance and have a calving interval less than 400 days. Expand


Nutrition and milk production in dairy Buffalo.Atti 2st Buffalo Symposium of Europe and the Americas 6-8 September Medellin Columbia
  • Relathionship between nutrition and reproduction. 3th course on biotechnology of reproduction in buffaloes. Third course on biotechnology of reproduction in buffaloes
  • 1980