Dietary fat and the risk of breast cancer.

  title={Dietary fat and the risk of breast cancer.},
  author={Pieter van't Veer and Frans J. Kok and Henny A. M. Brants and T H Ockhuizen and Ferd Sturmans and Rudolph J. J. Hermus},
  journal={International journal of epidemiology},
  volume={19 1},
Age-adjusted dietary fat intake of 133 incident Dutch breast cancer cases was significantly (p less than 0.01) higher than in 289 apparently healthy controls (mean and standard deviation: 102 +/- 36 g and 92 +/- 30 g, respectively). The age-adjusted relative odds of breast cancer showed a positive trend (p less than 0.05) with increasing fat intake. The multivariate adjusted relative odds was 3.5 (95% Cl = 1.6-7.6) for subjects in the highest quintile of fat intake (above 113 g) compared to… CONTINUE READING

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