Dietary fat and postmenopausal breast cancer.

  title={Dietary fat and postmenopausal breast cancer.},
  author={Lawrence H. Kushi and Thomas A. Sellers and John D. Potter and Charlotte L. Nelson and Ronald G. Munger and S A Kaye and Aaron R Folsom},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={84 14},
BACKGROUND Although the results of animal studies and cross-cultural comparisons generally support a role for dietary fat in the etiology of breast cancer, results of analytic epidemiology studies are equivocal. PURPOSE The association between dietary fat and subsequent breast cancer was examined in a cohort of 34,388 postmenopausal women from Iowa. METHODS Dietary habits were assessed by a food-frequency questionnaire mailed in January 1986. Through December 31, 1989, 459 incident cases of… CONTINUE READING