Dietary carcinogens and the risk for glioma and meningioma in Germany.

  title={Dietary carcinogens and the risk for glioma and meningioma in Germany.},
  author={H. B{\"o}ing and Brigitte Schlehofer and Maria Blettner and J{\"u}rgen Wahrendorf},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={53 4},
A population-based case-control study was performed in South-West Germany in 1987/88 with 115 histological confirmed glioma and 81 meningioma cases and 418 randomly selected controls. On the basis of information from a food-frequency questionnaire and questions on food preparation and food supply, the role of dietary carcinogens, in particular N-nitroso compounds or their precursors, on risk for glioma and meningioma were analyzed by multiple logistic regression. Eleven food groups were… CONTINUE READING


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