Dietary calcium phosphate inhibits cytotoxicity of fecal water.

  title={Dietary calcium phosphate inhibits cytotoxicity of fecal water.},
  author={J A Lapr{\'e} and Harry de Vries and Roelof van der Meer},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={261 6 Pt 1},
The effects of dietary steroid and CaHPO4 supplementation on the solubility of bile acids and cytotoxicity of fecal water were studied in rats. Dietary steroid supplementation increased the bile acid concentration of both feces and fecal water. CaHPO4 supplementation produced a slight increase in total fecal bile acid concentration but resulted in a drastic decrease in soluble bile acid concentration. Cytotoxicity of fecal water on control and steroid-supplemented diets decreased with CaHPO4… CONTINUE READING


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