Dietary Response of Chimpanzees and Cercopithecines to Seasonal Variation in Fruit Abundance. I. Antifeedants

  title={Dietary Response of Chimpanzees and Cercopithecines to Seasonal Variation in Fruit Abundance. I. Antifeedants},
  author={Richard W. Wrangham and Nancy Lou Conklin-Brittain and Kevin Hunt},
  journal={International Journal of Primatology},
In order to understand dietary differentiation among frugivorous primates with simple stomachs, we present the first comparison of plant diets between chimpanzees and cercopithecine monkeys that controls for food abundance. Our aim was to test the hypothesis that monkeys have a more diverse diet as a result of their dietary tolerance for chemical antifeedants. Our study species are chimpanzees, blue monkeys, redtail monkeys, and gray-cheeked mangabeys living in overlapping ranges in Kibale… CONTINUE READING
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