Dietary Factors and Risk of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis (S29.006)

  title={Dietary Factors and Risk of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis (S29.006)},
  author={Julia Pakpoor and Brandon Seminatore and Jennifer Graves and Teri Schreiner and Amy T Waldman and Timothy Lotze and Anita Belman and Benjamin M. Greenberg and Bianca Weinstock-Guttman and Gregory Aaen and Jan Mendelt Tillema and Janace Hart and Jayne Ness and Yvonne Harris and Jennifer Rubin and Meghan S Candee and Lauren Krupp and Monica Gorman and Leslie Benson and Moses Rodriguez and Tanuja Chitnis and Soe Hae Mar and Ilana Kahn and John W. Rose and Shelly Roalstad and Michael Waltz and Charlie Casper and Emmanuelle Waubant},
Objective: To investigate any association between dietary intake and pediatric MS using a cross-sectional case-control study. Background: The role of dietary factors in MS is contentious and largely uncharacterised, particularly as it may pertain to pediatric-onset disease. Dietary factors may include important modifiable risk factors of MS. Methods: Pediatric MS patients were recruited from 15 US MS centers (MS or clinically isolated syndrome onset prior to age 18, less than 4 years from… CONTINUE READING

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