Diet of juvenile southern elephant seals reappraised by stable isotopes in whiskers

  title={Diet of juvenile southern elephant seals reappraised by stable isotopes in whiskers},
  author={China Newland and Iain C. Field and Yves Cherel and Christophe Guinet and Corey J. A. Bradshaw and Clive R McMahon and Mark A Hindell},
Declines in marine predator populations have been attributed to anthropogenic activity and environmental change. Southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina are major consumers of biomass in the eastern region of the Southern Ocean and have been declining in numbers since the 1960s. Previous studies have identified evidence for habitat and diet partitioning over a range of spatial and temporal scales between juveniles and adults in the Macquarie Island population. We first analysed the stable… CONTINUE READING
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