Diet is the primary determinant of bacterial community structure in the guts of higher termites

  title={Diet is the primary determinant of bacterial community structure in the guts of higher termites},
  author={A. Mikaelyan and C. Dietrich and T. K{\"o}hler and Michael Poulsen and D. Sillam-Duss{\`e}s and A. Brune},
  journal={Molecular Ecology},
  • A. Mikaelyan, C. Dietrich, +3 authors A. Brune
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular Ecology
  • The gut microbiota of termites plays critical roles in the symbiotic digestion of lignocellulose. While phylogenetically ‘lower termites’ are characterized by a unique association with cellulolytic flagellates, higher termites (family Termitidae) harbour exclusively prokaryotic communities in their dilated hindguts. Unlike the more primitive termite families, which primarily feed on wood, they have adapted to a variety of lignocellulosic food sources in different stages of humification, ranging… CONTINUE READING
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