Diet in Relation to Dental Caries

  title={Diet in Relation to Dental Caries},
  author={E. V. Mccollum},
THE carious lesion in a tooth is caused by acid decomposition of the enamel, and afterwards the dentine, associated with proteolytic destruction of the organic substance of the tooth. Caries of the teeth is restricted to man and other animals which eat liberally of carbohydrate-containing foods. Carnivorous man and animals do not suffer from this disease. Dental caries does not attack the surfaces of teeth indiscriminately, but occurs only at such sites as favour the lodgment of food residues… 
Physiological Considerations of the Relative Specificity of Dental Caries in Man
  • H. Lipner
  • Medicine
    Journal of dental research
  • 1947
This paper proposes to cite researches of this type and the contributions they have made in shedding light on the problem of dental caries to cite biological research begun and completed as a purely academic problem.
Dietary Carbohydrates and Dental-Systemic Diseases
  • P. Hujoel
  • Medicine
    Journal of dental research
  • 2009
Two contradictory hypotheses on the role of dietary carbohydrates in health and disease shape how dental-systemic associations are regarded and may affect preventive approaches for dental and systemic diseases.
Enrichment of Oat Antioxidant Activity by Dry Milling and Sieving
Oats contain a range of functional ingredients; these are concentrated to a greater or lesser extent in different parts of the kernel. Dry milling of oats using roller milling offers the opportunity
Diet and Dental Health