Diet, lifestyle and risk of K-ras mutation-positive and -negative colorectal adenomas.

  title={Diet, lifestyle and risk of K-ras mutation-positive and -negative colorectal adenomas.},
  author={Petra A Wark and Wieke Van der Kuil and Janneke Ploemacher and Goos N. P. van Muijen and Chris Jacob Johan Mulder and Matty P Weijenberg and Frans J. Kok and Ellen Kampman},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={119 2},
K-ras mutation-positive (K-ras+) and -negative (K-ras-) colorectal adenomas may differ clinically and pathologically. As environmental compounds may cause mutations in the growth-related K-ras oncogene or affect clonal selection depending on mutational status, we evaluated whether the aetiology of K-ras+ and K-ras- adenomas differs. K-ras mutations in codons 12 and 13 were assessed in colorectal adenoma tissue (K-ras+: n = 81, K-ras-: n = 453). Dietary and lifestyle data were collected through… CONTINUE READING
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