Diesel-water Emulsion, an Alternative Fuel to Reduce Diesel

  • Dan Scarpete
  • Published 2013


Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) are the main pollutants from diesel engines. Diesel-water emulsion, as alternative fuel, has potential to significantly reduce the formation of NOx and PM in the diesel engine. The emulsion fuel contains water (in the range of 5–15%) and diesel fuel with specific surfactants, to stabilize the system. Reduction of NOx is originated from the reduction of local high temperature due to vaporized water during combustion. The reduction of local high temperature may cause the reduction of reaction rate, which has a possibility of affording a mixing time for better combustion for reducing PM. Micro-explosion, considered as the second atomization, improves fuel combustion and reduces fuel consumption. The heterogeneous results regarding the use of diesel-water emulsion as fuel for diesel engines suggest that experimental work for optimizing the emulsion formulation in terms of water content and internal structure is recommended.

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