Dielectrophoresis and electrorotation of neurospora slime and murine myeloma cells.

  title={Dielectrophoresis and electrorotation of neurospora slime and murine myeloma cells.},
  author={Jan Gimsa and Piotr Marszalek and U Loewe and Tian Yow Tsong},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={60 4},
Dielectrophoresis and electrorotation are commonly used to measure dielectric properties and membrane electrical parameters of biological cells. We have derived quantitative relationships for several critical points, defined in Fig. A 1, which characterize the dielectrophoretic spectrum and the electrorotational spectrum of a cell, based on the single-shell model (Pauly, H., and H.P. Schwan, 1959. Z. Naturforsch. 14b:125-131; Sauer, F.A. 1985. Interactions between Electromagnetic Field and… CONTINUE READING
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