Dielectronic resonances ofLMnandLNn(n≥4) series in highly chargedM-shelltungsten ions

  title={Dielectronic resonances ofLMnandLNn(n≥4) series in highly chargedM-shelltungsten ions},
  author={Dipti and Alexander Borovik and Roshan Silwal and J. M. Dreiling and A C Gall and Endre Takacs and Yuri Ralchenko},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We present spectroscopic measurements and detailed theoretical analysis of inner-shell $LMn$ and $LNn$ ($n\ensuremath{\ge}$ 4) dielectronic resonances in highly charged $M$-shell ions of tungsten. The x-ray emission from ${\mathrm{W}}^{49+}$ through ${\mathrm{W}}^{64+}$ was recorded at the electron-beam ion trap (EBIT) facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology with a high-purity Ge detector for electron-beam energies between 6.8 and 10.8 keV. The measured spectra clearly… 

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