Dielectric studies of glass transition in confined propylene glycol

  title={Dielectric studies of glass transition in confined propylene glycol},
  author={Polycarpos Pissis and Apostolos Kyritsis and D. Daoukaki and G. Barut and Rolf Pelster and G{\"u}nter Nimtz},
The dynamical behaviour of the glass transition of propylene glycol confined in droplets in butyl rubber (three-dimensional confinement, mean droplet diameter d = 8-11 nm) and in pores in controlled porous glasses (two-dimensional confinement, mean pore diameter d = 2.5-7.5 nm) has been studied in detail by means of broadband dielectric spectroscopy (5 Hz-2 GHz) and of thermally stimulated depolarization current measurements. Effective medium theory corrections of the data are discussed. The… CONTINUE READING

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