Dielectric metasurfaces for complete and independent control of the optical amplitude and phase

  title={Dielectric metasurfaces for complete and independent control of the optical amplitude and phase},
  author={Adam C. Overvig and Sajan Shrestha and Stephanie C. Malek and Ming Lu and Aaron Stein and Changxi Zheng and Nanfang Yu},
  journal={Light, Science \& Applications},
Metasurfaces are optically thin metamaterials that promise complete control of the wavefront of light but are primarily used to control only the phase of light. Here, we present an approach, simple in concept and in practice, that uses meta-atoms with a varying degree of form birefringence and rotation angles to create high-efficiency dielectric metasurfaces that control both the optical amplitude and phase at one or two frequencies. This opens up applications in computer-generated holography… 

Multiplexing meta-hologram with separate control of amplitude and phase.

This work combines the amplitude manipulation and geometric phase manipulation by only reconfiguring the orientation angle of the nanostructure and presents a single-sized design strategy for a multiplexing meta-hologram which plays the dual roles: a continuous amplitude-only meta-device and a two-step phase- only meta- device.

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Metasurfaces have been widely studied for arbitrary manipulation of the amplitude, phase and polarization of a field at the sub-wavelength scale. However, realizing a high efficiency metasurface with

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Metasurfaces are planar structures that can manipulate the amplitude, phase and polarization (APP) of light at subwavelength scale. Although various functionalities have been proposed based on

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A metasurface is a thin array of subwavelength elements with designable scattering responses, and metasurface holography is a powerful tool for imaging and field control. The existing metasurface

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Light is a complex vectorial field characterized by its amplitude, phase, and polarization properties, which can be further represented by four basic parameters, that is, amplitudes and phases of two

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Metasurfaces, composed of subwavelength scattering elements, have demonstrated remarkable control over the transmitted amplitude, phase, and polarization of light. However, manipulating the

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This work proposes a versatile, transmission-mode all-dielectric metasurface platform that can independently manipulate the phase and amplitude for two orthogonal states of polarization in the visible frequency range.

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Holography has attracted tremendous interest due to its capability of storing both the amplitude and phase of light field and reproducing vivid three-dimensional scenes. However, the large pixel



Broadband metasurface holograms: toward complete phase and amplitude engineering

This work demonstrates a novel amplitude-phase modulation hologram with simultaneous five-level amplitude modulation and eight-level phase modulation, inspired by the concept of designer metasurfaces, to enable enhanced performance in resolution, homogeneity of amplitude distribution, precision, and signal-to-noise ratio.

Complete amplitude and phase control of light using broadband holographic metasurfaces.

The first experimental demonstrations of the complete complex-amplitude holograms with subwavelength definition at visible wavelengths were achieved, and excellent performances with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio as compared to those of traditional phase-only holograms were obtained.

Dielectric metasurfaces for complete control of phase and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission.

A metasurface platform based on high-contrast dielectric elliptical nanoposts that provides complete control of polarization and phase with subwavelength spatial resolution and an experimentally measured efficiency ranging from 72% to 97%, depending on the exact design.

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We propose an ultra-thin metasurface to control the amplitudes and phases independently of the reflected waves by changing geometries and orientations of I-shaped metallic particles. We demonstrate

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This Review focuses on recent developments on flat, ultrathin optical components dubbed 'metasurfaces' that produce abrupt changes over the scale of the free-space wavelength in the phase, amplitude and/or polarization of a light beam.

Efficient Polarization-Insensitive Complex Wavefront Control Using Huygens’ Metasurfaces Based on Dielectric Resonant Meta-atoms

Metasurfaces have shown great promise for the control of optical wavefronts, thus opening new pathways for the development of efficient flat optics. In particular, Huygens’ metasurfaces based on

Broadband achromatic dielectric metalenses

This work developed a design methodology and created libraries of meta-units—building blocks of metasurfaces—with complex cross-sectional geometries to provide diverse phase dispersions (phase as a function of wavelength), which is crucial for creating broadband achromatic metalenses.

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Recent progress in the physics of metasurfaces operating at wavelengths ranging from microwave to visible is reviewed, with opinions of opportunities and challenges in this rapidly developing research field.

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