Dielectric behavior of graphite, with assimilation of the AC permittivity, DC polarization and DC electret

  title={Dielectric behavior of graphite, with assimilation of the AC permittivity, DC polarization and DC electret},
  author={Xiang Xi and D. D. L. Chung},

Electret behavior discovered in solder, specifically tin–silver

An electret is a permanent electric dipole exhibited by a material. This work provides the first report of the electret behavior of a solder, which is Sn–4Ag in the form of a fluxless unpoled wire of

Dielectric Behavior of an Electrically Conductive Metal-Particle Thick Film

Electrically conductive metal-particle thick films made from paints upon volatile component evaporation are widely used for electrical contacts and interconnections. Prior work on the electrical

Pyropermittivity as an emerging method of thermal analysis, with application to carbon fibers

  • Xiang XiD. Chung
  • Physics, Materials Science
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • 2022
Pyropermittivity refers to the effect of temperature on the electric permittivity of a material. It is an emerging thermoanalytical method that is relevant to materials characterization,

Comparison of How Graphite and Shungite Affect Thermal, Mechanical, and Dielectric Properties of Dielectric Elastomer-Based Composites

The aim of this work involved comparing the effect graphite and shungite have on the properties of dielectric elastomer-based materials. For this reason, dielectric elastomer–Sylgard (S) was filled

Carbon/Pyropolymer-based Electrode Materials for Alkali Ion Storage

Carbon materials have large numbers of redox-active sites for alkali-ion storage, such as Stone-Wales, vacancy, edge, and pseudo-edge defect sites as well as extrinsic defects. The topological

Dielectric behavior discovered in electrically conductive thick film

Electrically conductive thick films are used for electrical interconnections in electronic packaging. They also serve as functional coatings for materials and structures. Although the conduction

New concept of electret-based capacitance, as shown for solder and other conductors

  • D. ChungXiang Xi
  • Physics
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  • 2022



Electrical, dielectric, and electromagnetic shielding properties of polypropylene‐graphite composites

The conducting polymer composite material is desired to have a high dielectric constant and high dissi- pation factor in low and high frequency ranges, so that it can be used in charge storing

Analysis of electrical, dielectric, and electromagnetic interference shielding behavior of graphite filled high density polyethylene composites

Conducting polymer composites were prepared by hot compression molding of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) prelocalized with graphite (Gr). The variation of room temperature electrical conductivity,

Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Exfoliated Graphite/Polyimide Composite Films with Low Percolation Threshold

Exfoliated graphite/polyimide composite films were synthesized by in situ polymerization. The electrical and dielectric properties of composite films with different volume fraction of exfoliated