Dielectric Field Probes for Very-Near-Field and Compact-Near-Field Antenna Characterization [Measurements Corner]

  title={Dielectric Field Probes for Very-Near-Field and Compact-Near-Field Antenna Characterization [Measurements Corner]},
  author={Amedeo Capozzoli and Claudio Curcio and Giuseppe D'Elia and Angelo Liseno and P. Vinetti and Michitaka Ameya and Masanobu Hirose and Satoru Kurokawa and Koji Komiyama},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine},
A novel setup, based on the use of non-invasive dielectric field probes, and employing accurate and reliable algorithms for antenna characterization, is described. Experimental results show how the proposed system can provide even more accurate characterizations than standard near-field systems, enabling considerable reduction of indoor test-range dimensions (compact near-field). Also, the potential for very-near-field acquisition, as well as the sampling strategy in the reactive zone of the… CONTINUE READING


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