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Die videoendoskopische Diagnostik velopharyngealer Verschlussmuster

  title={Die videoendoskopische Diagnostik velopharyngealer Verschlussmuster},
  author={Wilfried Engelke},
  • W. Engelke
  • Published 1990
  • Medicine
  • Sprache-stimme-gehor
Quantitative analysis of the velopharyngeal sphincter function during speech.
A new concept for quantitative analysis of velopharyngeal function using electromagnetic articulography and simultaneous transoral video endoscopy is reported, which leads to a new dynamic interpretation of envelopharygeal closure patterns.
Die Phasendarstellung velopharyngealer Sphinkterbewegungen
This image makes possible a quick and comprehensive differentiation between physiological and disturbed motion patterns as demonstrated in this study using velopharyngeal function as the example.
Simultane elektromagnetische Artikulographie und Videoendoskopie
It is possible both to analyze VP function in the midsiagittal plane using electromagnetic articulography (EMA) and also to examine simultaneously the horizontal plane videoendoscopically with the help of a new concept described here.
Midsagittal velar kinematics during production of VCV sequences.
Data is presented on velar speech movements examined by electromagnetic articulography (EMA), a tool for the study of velar kinematics, which demonstrated the influence of loudness variation of sequence production.