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Die quartäre Morphogenese der Harburger Berge und ihrer Umgebung

  title={Die quart{\"a}re Morphogenese der Harburger Berge und ihrer Umgebung},
  author={Joachim Ehlers},

Time‐transgressive tunnel‐valley infill revealed by a three‐dimensional sedimentary model, Hamburg, north‐west Germany

Deep, elongated incisions, often referred to as tunnel valleys, are among the most characteristic landforms of formerly glaciated terrains. It is commonly thought that tunnel valleys were formed by

Deeply rooted glaciotectonism in western Denmark: geological composition, structural characteristics and the origin of Varde hill‐island

We investigate a hill‐island in western Denmark, a major cupola‐hill‐type thrust complex generated by ice‐marginal glaciotectonism. The study uses a unique dataset of densely spaced airborne

Charakterisierung von Zirkularstrukturen im geologischen Untergrund Hamburgs zur Abgrenzung verkarstungsgefährdeter Bereiche

Ziel dieser Arbeit ist die geographisch-raumliche Abgrenzung eines verkarstungsgefahrdeten Gebietes und dessen Einteilung in Flachen unterschiedlicher Kategorien von Erdfallgefahrdung im geologischen

Zur Stratigraphie des Saale-Glazials in Niedersachsen und zu Korrelationsversuchen mit Nachbargebieten

Abstract. Von verschiedener Seite unternommene Korrelations-Versuche zum Saale-Komplex in Norddeutschland sind der Anlass, erneut die Stratigraphie dieses Zeitraums aus niedersachsischer Sicht

Composition and origin of petrographically-stratified thick till in the northern Netherlands and a Saalian glaciation model for the North Sea Basin

Subsequently, the ice-pushed ridges were overridden by ice moving towards the southwest, forming a discontinuous veneer of predominantly flint-rich till over the deformed sediments. Petrographic

The History of the Great Northwest European Rivers During the Past Three Million Years

This paper is based on a review of the histories of the Rivers Elbe, Saale, Weser, Rhine, Meuse, Scheldt, Thames, Somme and Seine. Two further rivers no longer in existence, the Baltic and Channel

Geotechnik der Moränen

The geotechnical properties of moraines are generally considered to be more or less uniform. Frequent observations at building sites, however, have proved the contrary.