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Die griechische Logistik und die Entstehung der Algebra I

  title={Die griechische Logistik und die Entstehung der Algebra I},
  author={Jan Pato{\vc}ka},

« L’Algèbre apprend à discourir » La notion de problème de Peletier à Descartes

Lucien Febvre proposait d’étudier comment se formait la raison des gens du XVIe siècle, notamment en langue, logique et mathématiques. Il se trouve que c’est autour de ces trois éléments que Jacques

François Viète’s revolution in algebra

Françios Viète (1540–1603) was a geometer in search of better techniques for astronomical calculation. Through his theorem on angular sections he found a use for higher-dimensional geometric

Method in Kant and Hegel

ABSTRACT For Kant as for Hegel method is not a structure or procedure imported into philosophy from without, as, e.g. a mathematical demonstration in modern physics or in the proof-structure of

Situating the Debate on “Geometrical Algebra” within the Framework of Premodern Algebra

A new reading of Heron's practice is offered, the significance of contextualizing “premodern algebra” is highlighted, and the origins of algebraic reasoning should be sought in the problem-solving practice, rather than in the theorem-proving tradition.

Bolzano versus Kant: mathematics as a scientia universalis

The chapter will discuss some changes in Bolzano’s definition of mathematics attested in several quotations from the Beytrage, Wissenschaftslehre and Grosenlehre: Is mathematics a theory of forms or

Otto Neugebauer’s Vision for Rewriting the History of Ancient Mathematics

Les historiens des mathematiques ont longtemps exalte les realisations des anciens Grecs, symbolisees par un seul nom, Euclide d’Alexandrie. Les treize livres qui composent ses Elements occupent,

Otto Neugebauer and Richard Courant: On Exporting the Göttingen Approach to the History of Mathematics

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  • 2012
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Science and the Lebenswelt on Husserl’s Philosophy of Science

I present and discuss in this paper Husserl's investigation of the genesis of the modern conception of empirical reality as carried out in his last work The Crisis of European Sciences and

The Paradox of the Primary-Secondary Quality Distinction and Husserl's Genealogy of the Mathematization of Nature

Since the time of Galileo, philosophers widely agree on a distinction that has been known since Locke as the distinction between primary and secondary qualities. In spite of claiming that experiences

The twofold role of diagrams in Euclid’s plane geometry

The purpose is to reformulate the thesis that many of Euclid’s geometric arguments are diagram-based in a quite general way, by describing what he takes to be the twofold role that diagrams play in Euclid's plane geometry (EPG).