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Die effek van die Ron Davis-program op die leesvermoe en sielkundige funksionering van kinders

  title={Die effek van die Ron Davis-program op die leesvermoe en sielkundige funksionering van kinders},
  author={Rene Jeanne Engelbrecht},
Thesis (MA (Psychology)) – University of Stellenbosch, 2005.%%%%The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether certain Ron Davis techniques which have been applied by the Davis Dyslexia Correction Center in America the past two decades could in the short term have a significantly positive influence on the reading ability and psychological functioning of children with a reading disorder, especially regarded against the background of escalating concern about the reading ability of South… 
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Die effek van 'n troeteldier-ondersteunde leesprogram op woordherkenningsvaardighede van graad 3-kinders The effect of an animal-assisted reading programme on word recognition and spelling skills of grade 3 children

Marieanna le roux, is nou 'n dosent aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch en voorsitter van die organisasie Pets as Therapy (PAT). Sy is jare lank betrokke by troeteldier-ondersteunde terapie/



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