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Die byzantinischen Kleinchroniken

  title={Die byzantinischen Kleinchroniken},
  author={Peter R. Schreiner},
Epidemic waves of the Black Death in the Byzantine Empire (1347-1453 AD).
This multidisciplinary study sheds light from various standpoints on the evolution and dynamic of the plague in the South-eastern Mediterranean during the 14th and 15th centuries, despite the lack of sound morbidity and mortality data. Expand
From ‘Nations’ to ‘Archontias’ (II) Terms ‘Sclavinia’ and ‘Sclavoarchontia’ and Incorporation of Balkan Slavs in Byzantium
This article deals with the terms ‘Sclavinia’ and ‘Sclavoarchontia’, which are used in historiography in different and even contradictory ways, and aims to clarify a highly complicated topic,Expand
Evaluation of environmental seismic intensities of all known historical and recent earthquakes felt in Zakynthos Island, Greece using the Environmental Seismic Intensity (ESI 2007) scale
Abstract The complete and detailed knowledge of the historical earthquakes, the past earthquake environmental effects (EEE) and the respective seismic intensities has become significant in recentExpand
The Byzantine Hellene
This book tells the extraordinary story of Theodore II Laskaris, an emperor who ruled over the Byzantine state of Nicaea established in Asia Minor after the fall of Constantinople to the crusaders inExpand
On the Issue of a Narrow Dating of the Manuscript of the Treaties De Cerimoniis Aulae Byzantinae (Leipzig, Univ. Bibl. Rep. I 17)
The paper offers new arguments for the more exact dating – autumn-winter of 963 – of the manuscript of the treatise De cerimoniis aulae byzantinae (Leipzig, Univ. Bibl. Rep. I 17). At the end of theExpand
The Letters of Maximos Planudes to Alexios Philanthropenos and Melchisedek Akropolites: the Problems of Source Studies in the Context of the Politico-Military Situation in Byzantium in the Late 13th C.
This research work is dedicated to the problem of dating of the Byzantine scholar and monk Maximos Planudes’ letters to the general, pinkernes Alexios Philanthropenos and his companion, monkExpand
The Ottoman Siege and Assault of Constantinople in 1422 AD: Its Military and Political Aspect
This paper addresses the military and political aspect of the Turkish siege of Constantinople in 1422 AD, when the Ottomans gained valuable experience to use it later, in the final battle of 1453.Expand
Comparative Analysis between the Istanbul House Plan Types and the Plan Types of the Ottoman Houses on the Panagia District in Kavala, Greece
As part of the section on the Architectural History and the Architecture Values and Heritage, this paper will offer to the participants of the 4th IC ASPCE 2015 Durres Albania view on the developmentExpand
The Mysterious Seal of Alexios Komnenos from Tamatarcha
This research concerns the unique seal of a Byzantine aristocrat named Alexios Komnenos found in Tamatarcha (modern Taman’), which has only one parallel from Trebizond. The authors explain theExpand