Die Zusammensetzung der stetigen endlichen Transformations-gruppen

  title={Die Zusammensetzung der stetigen endlichen Transformations-gruppen},
  author={Wilhelm b. Killing},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
The cohomology of free loop spaces of homogeneous spaces
The free loops space ΛX of a space X has become an important object of study particularly in the case when X is a manifold. The study of free loop spaces is motivated in particular by two main
Formalising lie algebras
  • Oliver Nash
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 11th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Certified Programs and Proofs
  • 2022
The formalisation of Lie algebras in Lean’sMathlib library is reported on, finding that it is possible to state the classification theorem for finite-dimensional semisimple Lie alagbras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero.
Fourth post-Newtonian Hamiltonian dynamics of two-body systems from an effective field theory approach
Abstract We calculate the motion of binary mass systems in gravity up to the fourth post–Newtonian order. We use momentum expansions within an effective field theory approach based on Feynman
FFT and orthogonal discrete transform on weight lattices of semi-simple Lie groups
We give two algebro-geometric inspired approaches to fast algorithms for Fourier transforms in algebraic signal processing theory based on polynomial algebras in several variables. One is based on
Cartan's Doctoral Dissertation
After providing a short biography of Elie Cartan, mainly focused on his education at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, the chapter deals with his first researches on the classification of
Cartan's Theory 1902–1909
This chapter is devoted to Cartan's structural theory of infinite continuous groups. We thoroughly analyze its genesis and subsequent development. Cartan's approach to infinite continuous groups was
Die physikalischen Arbeiten des jungen B. L. van der Waerden
Die vorliegende Arbeit behandelt den Prozess der Mathematisierung der Quantenmechanik aus mathematikhistorischer Perspektive am Beispiel der Einfuhrung der gruppentheoretischen Methode zwischen 1926
Lie on the Backstage
In this chapter, we offer a general account of Lie theory of finite continuous groups by briefly describing its historical origin and its later development as an independent and autonomous
Exceptional Lattice Green's Functions
The three exceptional lattices, $E_6$, $E_7$, and $E_8$, have attracted much attention due to their anomalously dense and symmetric structures which are of critical importance in modern theoretical
Lie algebras of vector fields on smooth affine varieties
ABSTRACT We reprove the results of Jordan [18] and Siebert [30] and show that the Lie algebra of polynomial vector fields on an irreducible affine variety X is simple if and only if X is a smooth