Die Vollständigkeit der primitiven Darstellungen einer geschlossenen kontinuierlichen Gruppe

  title={Die Vollst{\"a}ndigkeit der primitiven Darstellungen einer geschlossenen kontinuierlichen Gruppe},
  author={Fritz Peter and Hermann Von Weyl},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
Lecture notes: Semidefinite programs and harmonic analysis
Lecture notes for the tutorial at the workshop HPOPT 2008 - 10th International Workshop on High Performance Optimization Techniques (Algebraic Structure in Semidefinite Programming), June 11th to
Gauge × gauge = gravity on homogeneous spaces using tensor convolutions
L. Borsten, I. Jubb,b,1 V. Makwana, S. Nagy Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Colin Maclaurin Building, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS,
Classical Fourier Analysis over Homogeneous Spaces of Compact Groups
This paper introduces a unified operator theory approach to the abstract Fourier analysis over homogeneous spaces of compact groups. Let G be a compact group and H be a closed subgroup of G. Let G/H
A Panorama of Hungarian Mathematics in the Twentieth Century : Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis
For present purposes, we shall define non-commutative harmonic analysis to mean the decomposition of functions on a locally compact G-space X, where G is some (locally compact) group, into functions
An overview of generalised Kac-Moody algebras on compact real manifolds
A generalised notion of Kac-Moody algebra is defined using smooth maps from a compact real manifold $\mathcal{M}$ to a finite-dimensional Lie group, by means of complete orthonormal bases for a
On the scaling limit of finite vertex transitive graphs with large diameter
If Xn is only roughly transitive and |Xn|=O diam(Xnδ) for δ >1 sufficiently small, it is proved, again by elementary means, that (Xn) converges to a circle.
Spaces of Bounded Measurable Functions Invariant Under a Group Action
. In this paper we characterize spaces of L ∞ -functions on a compact Hausdorff space that are invariant under a transitive and continuous group action. This work generalizes the author’s 2021
Uncertainty Propagation for General Stochastic Hybrid Systems on Compact Lie Groups
This paper deals with uncertainty propagation of general stochastic hybrid systems (GSHS) where the continuous state space is a compact Lie group. A computational framework is proposed to solve the
Non-Gaussianity in D3-brane inflation
We update predictions for observables in the `delicate' D3/D3 inflationary model on the conifold. We use a full CMB likelihood calculation to assess goodness-of-fit, which is necessary because in
Real Harmonic Analysis on the Special Orthogonal Group
  • Taeyoung Lee
  • Mathematics
    International Journal of Analysis and Applications
  • 2022
This paper presents theoretical analysis and software implementation for real harmonics analysis on the special orthogonal group. Noncommutative harmonic analysis for complex-valued functions on the