• Geography
  • Published 1991

Die Verwitterung des Baumberger Sandsteins am Xantener Dom

  title={Die Verwitterung des Baumberger Sandsteins am Xantener Dom},
  author={Dorothea Scholten and Karin Kraus and Dietbert Kn{\"o}fel},
At the southern portal of Xanten Cathedral, decoration is made of Baumberger sandstone, a calcareous sandstone quarried west of Munster/Westfalia. Today mediaeval stones as well as replaced stones of the last century show deterioration by weathering. Three building stones were examined chemically and mineralogically. The results show that the deterioration of Baumberger sandstone in Xanten is intensified by the effect of acidifying sulfur compounds although the small town Xanten has no industry… CONTINUE READING