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Die Sensillenfelder des Ovipositors von Phalangium opilio Linné (Arachnida: opiliones: phalangiidae)

  title={Die Sensillenfelder des Ovipositors von Phalangium opilio Linn{\'e} (Arachnida: opiliones: phalangiidae)},
  author={U. Hoheisel and J. Martens},
Vier Dekaden Weberknechtforschung mit dem 64. Band der ‚Tierwelt Deutschlands‘ – Rückblick, aktueller Stand und Ausblick
  • J. Martens
  • Arachnologische Mitteilungen: Arachnology Letters [Note: Arachnology Letters is the subtitle]
  • 2021
Abstract. A short history of the Opiliones volume in ‘Die Tierwelt Deutschlands’ published by Martens (1978) is presented. The area under consideration comprises Central Europe expanded by large
Ultrastructure of chemosensory tarsal tip‐pore sensilla of Argiope spp. Audouin, 1826 (Chelicerata: Araneae: Araneidae)
The probability that a single type of sensillum performs both gustation and olfaction in spiders is discussed, as no wall‐pore sensilla were detected, and hypothesized as yet undetected differences in ultrastructure that suggest gustatory versus olfactory functions.