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Die Orthopteren der Elburs-Expedition Heinrich-Dammholz 1927

  title={Die Orthopteren der Elburs-Expedition Heinrich-Dammholz 1927},
  author={Willy Ramme}
  • W. Ramme
  • Published 15 September 1929
  • Biology
Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from the Palaearctic Region: taxonomy, classification, keys to genera and a review of the tribe Nocarodeini I.Bolívar.
The very rich material of Palaearctic Pamphagidae preserved in the collections including the type specimens of all taxa, the historical unidentified specimens and newly collected material have been
Revision of the genus Bradyporus Charpentier, 1825 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Bradyporinae).
The genus Bradyporus Charpentier is taxonomically revised using information obtained from numerous recently collected specimens, and the IUCN Red List statuses of the species and subspecies are included.
A new Bradyporus Charpentier, 1825 species from Iran (Orthoptera, Bradyporinae).
The species of Bradyporus Charpentier found in Turkey has been revised by the second author (M. Ünal, 2011) and detailed descriptions and characterizations are given for the authentic separation of the known species in the exhausting revision of the genus.
Contribution to the knowledge of the Iranian Orthopteroid insects II. Description of three new species of Iranian Platycleidini and one of Drymadusini (Plates 1-8)
This paper contains a description of three new species of Platycleidini (Montana zanjanica spec. nov., Montana gaskoi spec.Nov. and Drymadusini) from Iran, all from Iran.
Description of Platycleis (Montana) helleri sp. n. (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Tettigoniinae): Morphology, Song and Remarks on the Distribution of the Subgenus
The phylogenetic relationships of the new species are evaluated using both song and morphological characters, and the species Platycleis (Montana) medvedevi (Miram) is assumed to be the closest relative.